Welcome to 7th grade civics!

We are so glad you are here! This is the home for all things civics at New Smyrna Middle School! Exploring these links will take you to notes, videos. extra credit and trip information! Below are some examples of things to look for a where to find them!

I was absent what do I do? / I need help with my work/ I don't understand something

At the top of this page, information is organized by Unit. Click on the unit you are working on and scroll down. Information from there is organized by assignment. You will find any notes you might have missed, maybe a video explaining the notes, or anything covered in class. Even if you WERE in class, this is a great resource to be able to go through things one more time!

What is my child up to/ What are we doing next week?

Click on the calendar and you will find our tentative schedule. Sometimes things go longer than we expect them to, so dates MAY change, but we work to keep this calendar as updated as possible.

I am interested in what we are learning. I want more!

Head into the extras section! You will find a link there for our trip to Tallahassee as well as different fun videos or game suggestions for what we are studying! Have fun exploring! COMING SOON!

What else?

Occasionally teachers will post videos on in the Videos page that will help explain things that are going on in class to parents. This would include grades and make up work. 

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